About Coastal Systems Limited:

Coastal Systems is an associate-based company consisting of practitioners with expertise in beach, dune, cliff, surfzone, river mouths, and estuarine systems. The company utilizes the considerable skills of leading research-based experts from coastal study units in Australian, American and New Zealand universities. As such we are well placed to keep abreast with, and also contribute toward, advancements in all forms of coastal management and hazard assessment.

In particular, our expertise covers both paleo and contemporary coastal geomorphology, remote sensing, data processing and analysis, landscape assessment, coastal management techniques, and coastal planning and legislation. In addition, we have industry alliances with several other applied coastal science, engineering and planning consultancies.

In recent years we have built up particular expertise in local and site-specific hazard assessment. We have developed a range of image-based techniques to acquire the large amounts of accurate historical data required for shoreline change investigation. We have also developed image-based techniques for measure wave run-up, a crucial component in coastal flood assessment.

We use a range of innovative and rigorous statistical procedures to predict future shoreline behaviour and also to identify critical return period values for flood hazard assessment. By more accurately defining coastal erosion and flood risk, set-back lines and design levels can often be relaxed as the larger margins of safety used in the past to compensate for uncertainty, are reduced.

Much of our research and applied projects have been concentrated in New Zealand, and this has wider benefits. The New Zealand coastline is relatively long at 19,000 km (c.f. 20,000 USA and 26,000 Australia) and varied in terms of configuration, sediment and energy regimes. Its varied relief and temperate climate also help produce a wide range of coastal variation. In addition, the country is, geologically speaking, relatively young, so instability and morphological change are common and relatively rapid. This situation has given New Zealand coastal scientists and practitioners a global advantage in understanding processes and in the development of hazard assessment, management and mitigation techniques.

Given the academic basis of Coastal Systems Ltd, accurate communication and education are given particular emphasis. Considerable effort is put into the preparation of reports and slide shows to ensure they are both understandable and interesting to the client and interested laypersons, and, if necessary, will also serve as robust reference documents for future research.

Our Aim:

To promote sustainable coastal development using high-quality process-based information to accurately define hazards and to identify management solutions which are innovative, process-friendly, and cost-effective.